How do I load the crystals?

  1. Release the stretchy band from around the bottom of the blinger® hair stage (the bottom platform) and place it in the notch located on the top of the blinger® tool.  This allows the blinger® styling tool to be open and ready to use!
  2. To load the crystals, first open the loading area by pushing down on the lip while pulling up on the top of the blinger® tool.
  3. Place one blinger® crystal disc, with crystals facing up, onto the pegs on the carousel.  When properly aligned your crystals will be in the center of each hole on the carousel.
  4. Press the clear cover down to close, snapping it shut. Make sure you press down on the clear cover only and not the top of the hair stage.  If you push down and close using the top of the hair stage, you risk ejecting a crystal.


How do I apply crystals to the hair?

  1. Option 1 – For hair that is down: Place a thick lock of hair into the opening between the bottom of the blinger® carousel and the top of the hair stage (the bottom platform).  Make sure that you are using a thick enough piece of hair for the crystals to have enough hair on which to adhere.  Squeeze the device firmly until it clicks to release the gem.
  2. Option 2 – For hair that is in a bun, updo or styled close to the head:  Retract the blinger® hair stage by gently pulling it towards the back of the tool.  It will slide back and open 180 degrees, allowing you to apply crystals directly to hair styles where you need the hair stage to be out of the way.  Press the device firmly to the head until it clicks to release the gem.


How many crystals should I apply?

You can apply as many blinger® crystals as you desire!   Crystals should be spaced on average the width of the hair stage, otherwise the next crystal may not adhere properly.


How do I get the crystals out of my hair?

To remove the blinger® crystals from your hair simply brush out or peel off with your fingers.


Can the crystals be re-used?

The crystals can not be applied a 2nd time through the device, however they can be manually re-applied to hair or repurposed as a decorative element on other items. Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle. Get creative!


What if a crystal sticks to the hair stage or carousel?

If a crystal inadvertently sticks to the hair stage or carousel be sure to remove it before you continue.  Failure to do so could cause the following crystals to not apply properly.


What if a crystal jams my blinger® tool?

  • Simply remove the crystal before you continue.
  • After extended use the adhesive from the crystals may build up on your blinger® tool and cause it to not work properly. When this happens, simply clean it with cotton and rubbing alcohol.


What if a crystal is dangling or not adhering properly?

If a crystal is dangling or not adhering properly, simply press it firmly onto the hair!  blinger® crystals’ proprietary adhesive is pressure sensitive and will respond nicely to any pressure.


What if I misapply or want to move a crystal?

All crystals are repositionable.  If you misapply or want to move a crystal, simply hold it on the sides with you fingers, and gently slide it down hair or pull it off the hair and reposition it where desired.  It’s that easy!


Can I apply crystals to wet hair?

No, do not apply crystals to wet hair as they will not stick properly.  However, once crystals are applied (to dry hair) swimming and other similar activities are possible and should not affect the crystals staying in.


Can I use hair products before applying crystals?

Some hair styling products are OK for use before applying crystals and some are not.  Hair spray is Ok, and anything dry in the hair.  However, do not use oil-based or silicone-based products or the crystals will not adhere.   


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